If anyone looked at my life right now, and we were living in a musical, and they had recently watched Hamilton three times over three days, they’d sing “Why do you write like you’re running out of time”?

That was a big set up considering not everyone is into musicals, but whatever. I’ve basically been living in my bedroom since March. I haven’t been kidnapped. It’s just that within these four walls are where I sleep and work, which are the two biggest components of my life right now.

Writing a dissertation this time around has been a very different experience to last year’s 6,000 word tome about feminism, Twitter movements and Netflix. Alongside that, I had a part-time job, I was helping run two societies, and I was completing the taught part of my degree at the same time.

Now I have no other commitments until I leave the #furloughclub, my degree is sliced into the taught stage and the dissertation stage as if it’s that cake trend going around the internet and I have a nice snazzy new office chair. It SWIVELS.

Another difference this time around is that I have complete control over my writing. Last year supervisors had a lot more of a guiding and directing role, and my old supervisor will know how I basically lived in her office. This year, you’re basically on your own. I suppose that is the whole point of doing an MA. Saying that, I’m ready for it now.

Six weeks down, three months to go. We have time.

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